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During the past year, many of us have found ourselves working from home. Face-to-face meetings have been largely replaced by Zooms and conference calls and traveling abroad has come to a halt. . This unexpected transition has demanded us to change our habits, patterns, and ways of organising our lives. Naturally, this can be a challenging experience.

Read on to learn more about supporting your wellbeing and discovering a range of our beautiful properties which are perfectly suited to the work-from-home lifestyle.

Setting healthy routines

Keeping a steady schedule, including setting aside time for yourself to relax and maintain a healthy work-life balance is important. It is also worth trying to stick to a regular sleeping pattern, to ensure you are well-rested and optimally productive during your working hours. At Residential Land we place great importance on creating beautiful bedrooms which will help you to feel calm and relaxed. Our interior design team pays close attention to the smallest of details, from matching up beautiful fabrics to harmonised colours to help you unwind.

As part of establishing healthier routines when working from home, attention to nutrition is also key. If you are working from home all day and feel a lack of motivation to cook, it is easy to fall into the habit of eating fast food and ordering takeaways. Luckily at Residential Land, our properties benefit from beautiful kitchens featuring high-end appliances. Many of the apartments also have open-plan layouts, which feel airy and welcoming. Preparing healthy meals will become a pleasure!

A dedicated workspace

Finding a quiet and private space where you can set up your own home office can help significantly in establishing a sense of balance and focus. Ensure that you have ample storage space at hand, and that the area is kept clutter-free and presentable for your conference calls and video meetings. At Residential Land, we are happy to help you set up a home office space when you move into one of our London apartments. Tell us about your requirements, and we can help to arrange a space to suit your needs.

A Pelham Court apartment with desk space

Getting active

In comparison to the bustling atmosphere of the office, working from home can feel like a more segregated experience. Mind recommends joining a morning or evening exercise class to give structure and movement to your day. If possible, carve out a space for yourself to exercise at home. If you have outdoor space, order yourself an exercise mat and set up a small station outside for your workouts. Several of our Residential Land properties have balconies or terraces. Certain properties also benefit from access to stunning communal gardens, such as Garden House in Bayswater, W2 pictured below. Furthermore, rather than stumbling out of bed and making your way straight to your laptop, get into a morning routine of for example meditating, journaling, and exercising to start your day on a healthy note.

private residents-only garden square

Residential Land’s Garden House offers a beautiful and private residents-only garden square

Many of our properties are also close to the famous parks of London, allowing easy access for jogging and power walks. You may even enjoy taking a leisurely walk at the end of the working day to give yourself some headspace and tranquillity. Notably, our Mayfair apartments are less than an 8- minute walk from Hyde Park whilst our Hamlet Gardens apartments are next to the stunning Ravenscourt Park.

Ravenscourt Park near Hammersmith

Staying connected

Admittedly, it can be lonely to work from home for longer periods of time – particularly if you live by yourself. Depending on your preference, try scheduling virtual catch ups with your friends and family through Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Skype. Consider giving your eyes a break from screen time as well, by using regular calls. Fortunately, the Residential Land apartments benefit from high-speed internet, making connectivity for work and pleasure a breeze. Moreover, our dedicated team is available to assist with any practical issues during your stay.

Interested in renting?

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