Supplier Payment Policy and Guide to Invoicing Residential Land (“RL”) and its Associated Ventures

The following are the requirements for submitting invoices:

  • One PDF for each invoice with the file name to include the invoice number
  • Send all invoices to and copy in (cc) the Residential Land representative who requested the goods or services
  • The subject line of the email should contain the Residential Land representative who requested the goods or services and the invoice number
  • Please do not submit any invoices to the Residential Land employee who requested the goods or services as this will delay payment
  • Supplier invoices received by post may result in a delayed payment. Paper invoices should be sent to Accounts Payable, Residential Land, 59-60 Grosvenor Street, London, W1K 3HZ
  • All supporting documentation relating to a particular invoice must be included within the invoice PDF to which it relates
  • Residential Land does not pay any amounts on pro-forma invoices and so a full VAT invoice will need to be issued

Our standard payment terms are 30 days following approval of the invoice by the originator which should be obtained within 5 days of receipt of invoice. Due date is calculated from the latter of valid invoice presented or good receipts date. It is a condition that any supplier of goods and/or services must invoice within 6 months of the supply of goods or services. After that time any invoice received will be paid only at our absolute discretion.

Each invoice must include:

  • Name of the Residential Land representative who requested the goods or services (this employee will be required by RL to confirm receipt of the goods or service and verify the accuracy of the invoice before releasing the payment)
  • Purchase Order number (where applicable) which should be provided by the Residential Land representative who requested the goods or services
  • Full legal name and address of the Residential Land or associated venture company that has commissioned the goods or services, and if applicable, the address of the property where the work was performed
  • Full legal name of your company, company address, company number, VAT number
  • Contact details of your finance team, in the event of any queries relating to your invoice
  • Your bank account details: Payee, Bank, Sort Code, and Account Number
  • An invoice number with no spaces
  • An invoice date and due date
  • A detailed description of the goods or services which the invoice covers

Failure to provide this information will lead to delays to payment or non-payment in the case of invoices received later than 6 months of the supply of goods or services.

Residential Land is not to be referenced as a credential on the supplier’s website or in any of its marketing material without the prior written approval of Residential Land.

Suppliers who are instructed to submit invoices directly to external project managers, contractor or managing agents (companies acting on behalf of Residential Land) should continue to follow the invoice submission process defined by the respective external project manager, contractor or managing agent.

If a dispute arises in relation to an invoice, in the first instance please contact the individual that placed the order with you. If the dispute is not resolved within 30 days the supplier should submit the complaint in writing to the Group Financial Controller.

If you have any further questions regarding invoice submission or payment then please contact Accounts Payable at or telephone 0207 408 5155.

We also refer you to our Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy for Suppliers.