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Originally built in the 18th century to serve as stables with accommodation above for servants, Mews are a popular and nostalgic reminder of London’s traditional history.

Mews homes are enjoying a revival by offering a traditional, country-inspired environment in the heart of London. They have been tastefully restored to provide everything required for a chic and enjoyable 21st century lifestyle.

Whilst in modern history mews houses have retained their image as stylish properties with sought-after addresses, they were not always so highly regarded.


Throughout the 18th and 19th century, squares, crescents and grand terraces of town houses were built for wealthy families to reside in exclusive areas such as Mayfair, Kensington, Marylebone and Hyde Park. As upper-class families moved to these areas, they needed space for maids, servants as well as storage for horses and carriages. For all their intents and purposes, mews were the service roads behind the homes of the Victorian and Edwardian elite.

Most mews houses have stables and a coach house on the ground floor, the first floor having a hayloft and a couple of rooms where the staff could live.

Mews’ tended to be serviceable streets, with hard-wearing cobbles and a drain down the middle to take away the waste from the horses.

The fall

The country became a more equal society in the 20th century, and with two world wars devastating the capital, this took its toll on mews homes. The amount of Aristocratic families owning these grand terraces declined, thus leading to mews homes falling into despair as there we no longer any need for them.

Mews homes were either sold off to businesses such as taxi firms or garages, or were abandoned altogether and started falling apart, only being used by squatters or being bought for tiny sums by struggling professionals. A stigma then grew around Mews’, with a perception of them being scruffy back-streets with a gangland culture.


In the 1960’s, a mews revolution occurred, with people starting to realise these buildings could be transformed into legitimate homes. People found that mews homes were not only practical, but offered great charm, and given their aristocratic history, were located in the very best areas. Iconic British Formula One drivers John Surtees and James Hunt discovered that these homes could be bought for low prices and was an ideal property to store their cars. This cemented the impression that mews houses were now stylish properties and they rode the popularity wave, with celebrities and high-earning professionals alike desperate to get their hands one.

Part of the charm of a mews house is that it is tucked away from the bustle of city life, offering the seemingly impossible hybrid of the tranquillity of a bygone era and the very best of central city locations.

Since the mews house revolution in the 1960’s, the average price of a mews home has risen from nearly nothing to over £2.5 million, showcasing its growing popularity amongst the elite.

In London, mews homes are most popular in areas such as Westminster, Bayswater, Kensington, Chelsea, Mayfair, Notting Hill, Knightsbridge and amongst other exclusive locations

Bathurst Mews

Residential Land’s Bathurst Mews is located on the Hyde Park Estate, whilst sitting right in the heart of W2 is set back from the hustle and bustle of Bayswater Road. Bathurst Mews is a newly built and refurbished four storey mews house, connecting modern design to humble, iconic origins.

This unique property is located on charming Bathurst Mews, boasting one of London’s last remaining stables, Hyde Park Stables, which has been part of the capital since 1835.

The property comprises of three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a large open plan reception room and kitchen, a large garage, a lavish private cinema room and two private patio areas providing the perfect space for relaxation.

This mews, with its quiet cobbled street, offers tranquil, country-inspired living in the heart of a bustling city, giving you the quintessentially British mews home.

If you could see yourself living in a unique mews property, get in touch with us regarding our Bathurst Mews House.