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  • Glass craft: a chandelier that responds to movement

    When it comes to statement pieces, this chandelier tops them full article

  • Residential Land heroes swim the Solent for charity

    Last Sunday four brave Residential Landers swam the Solent to raise money for full article

  • Michael Hughes: overseeing the whole property cycle

    Property development is a complicated business. With so many moving parts involved, it is essential to have somebody who oversees the process. This is why Michael Hughes, Residential Land’s development director, plays such a pivotal role in the organisation. After all, what’s an impressive disused warehouse when you can’t get residential planning permission? What’s an exquisitely designed […] full article

  • Hosting July’s Freehold LGBT networking event

    Freehold is a networking forum for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender professionals working in the real estate sector. Since its launch in September 2011, the group has grown to over 1000 members and continues to expand. Monthly networking events have been hosted by various property companies in the last year: British Land, The Crown Estate, […] full article

  • A Beautiful Object: Mercedes-Benz Pagoda

    If I could have any car it would be a Mercedes-Benz Pagoda circa 1965. It isn’t the most expensive car in the world but it remains one of the most stylish of all time – and I’m absolutely in love with it. Just looking at it transports me to another place… down steep, twisting roads […] full article

  • 6 ways Jenny Kakoudakis puts the colour in style

    Jenny Kakoudakis is the creative mastermind behind Seasons in Colour - one of the most colourful and approachable interior design blogs full article

  • The Instagram guide to our local areas

    Instagram is a portal into a world of millions of individual viewpoints – a seemingly infinite kaleidoscope of civilisation refracted through the minds and technology of humanity. What better way to celebrate the many neighbourhoods in which Residential Land properties are available than to explore them through the eyes of those who live, work and […] full article

  • The world’s most extravagant train…

    East Japan Railway’s Train Suite Shiki-Shima is 10 coaches of pure, gold-coated transit luxury that takes passengers on a variety of excursions around Japan at a leisurely 70mph. With an eye-watering estimated construction price tag of 5 billion yen ($44m), the train’s futuristic-meets-classic Japanese design incorporates a high-end restaurant, an observation deck and six carriages […] full article

  • Mayfair: In the Detail

    Mayfair has come a long, long way since the 17th Century. What is now the affluent hub of London’s West End, was – between 1686 and 1764 – a rural area which served as the site of an annual “May Fair”. The event was a magnet for ruffians and ne’er-do-wells, and generally culminated in a public […] full article

  • A Beautiful Object: Diego Giacometti console

    Swiss sculptor and designer Diego Giacometti made this table in 1975. Thirty-eight years later it sold at auction for $1.72 full article

  • Benefits of one bedroom lets in Central London

    From having a really long soak in the bath and singing out loud to having the heating just how you want and hogging the TV to watch back-to-back box sets, living on your own certainly has its perks. One-bedroom flats to rent in Mayfair are an excellent place to start if you’re looking to move […] full article

  • Living in a listed building in Central London

    When you search our flats to rent in Central London, you will see that many of the buildings Residential Land own are actually Listed Buildings. In this blog, we explain what listed status means and explore what it’s like to live in a listed property. According to Historic England, listed buildings are considered of national […] full article

  • Benefits of an on-site porter

    In 19th century London there was a flurry of housebuilding, with many mansion blocks erected in prime areas such as Mayfair, Regent’s Park, Kensington, Marylebone, Maida Vale, St John’s Wood, Belsize Park, Battersea, Fulham and Chiswick. These red brick constructions from the Victorian and Edwardian periods usually featured a reception that was manned by a […] full article