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  • “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”

    And one of the most beautiful things about London is its literary heritage – in fact, in many of our Residential Land properties you will be ‘neighbours’ with a number of literary full article

  • A Beautiful Object: The Filigree Maltese Cross

    Two things which are closely associated with Malta are the eight-pointed cross and the astoundingly delicate art of filigree full article

  • London on Film

    We take a look at six iconic film scenes from the last three decades, and examine how London played a crucial role in making each of them full article

  • Happy Birthday, London Underground!

    People all over the world instantly recognise our iconic tube. Why not delve deeper into the fascinating history of this London landmark? full article

  • 7 Hidden Gems in Mayfair

    Mayfair’s reputation as one of the most fashionable residential districts in the capital dates back to the mid-18th century. full article

  • London In The Detail: Fern about Town

    Fern is the stylish woman behind the blog Fern About Town, sharing her native London through a plethora of pastel-coloured pictures and revealing a few of the capital’s best kept secrets along the full article