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Renting property in Westminster, London SW1

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Why rent property in Westminster?

Westminster boasts some of the most famous buildings in London and in fact the UK, including The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Cathedral and Westminster Abbey.

Historically, the name Westminster was only used to refer to the small part of land that surrounds Westminster Abbey, but the district was expanded in 1965 to include a much larger area encompassing Marylebone and Paddington.

Today, Westminster is largely a residential area and many of the families living in this district have been there for generations. Although Westminster might not be considered a fashionable area of London, it is affordable and very central with easy transport links.

Property in Westminster

The housing market in Westminster is strong with growth well above the national average. In particular, there are a large number of properties to rent in Westminster which are especially suitable to retirees and couples with small families.

The Westminster area features a number of modern residential property developments with town houses, apartments and studio flats to rent and buy close to the River Thames. Some of them provide prime examples of the kind of developments now being built in Westminster. Properties like these are helping to soften the solid, traditional, historical feel of the area. A number of the larger more traditional properties in Westminster have been converted into flats for rent, some buildings on Regency Street offer great examples in this sense.

Transport links in Westminster

Westminster is easily accessible via train from London Victoria train and bus station, and Westminster and St James' Park tube stations, both of which are served by the District line, link Westminster to other areas of London.

Bus services around Westminster are extensive and run 24 hours a day.

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Prince of Wales Terrace Mid Term Let

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History of Westminster

The name Westminster describes the area around Westminster Abbey and Palace of Westminster and means a monastery church, or Minster, that is west of the City of London's St Paul's.

The area has been the seat of the government in England for almost a thousand years. The proven origins of Westminster Abbey date back to the 960s, with some evidence that the Abbey has a history going back to the 620s. The Abbey has become the traditional venue of the coronation of the kings and queens of England whilst the nearby Palace of Westminster came to be the principal royal residence after the Norman conquest of England in 1066, and later housed the developing Parliament and law courts of England.

Attractions in Westminster

Westminster Abbey

As the resting place for many Kings and Queens of England, the Gothic building that is Westminster Abbey chronicles the story of the royal family. The Abbey is also the burial place of a number of other famous names including Chaucer, Sir Isaac Newton, Laurence Olivier and Charles Dickens and has been the setting for some happier royal occasions including almost every coronation since 1066 and many royal weddings.

Big Ben

Big Ben is the colloquial name of the Clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament in London, the name actually comes from the bell inside the Tower. Famous for its reliability and stunning gothic architecture, it keeps remarkably accurate time despite its age.

Cabinet War Rooms

The Cabinet War Rooms form part of the basement of what is now HM Treasury. The War Rooms were constructed in 1938 and were heavily used by Winston Churchill during World War II. Engineered as a bunker, the facility was equipped with a steel-reinforced "roof". Despite this, the Cabinet War Rooms remained vulnerable to direct hits and were therefore abandoned soon after the war. They were opened to the public in 1984 and are now maintained by the Imperial War Museum.

Churchill Museum

The Cabinet War Rooms have created the first national museum dedicated to Winston Churchill. Using cutting edge technology and a mixture of media displays, the undeniably exciting story of this historical figure is brought to life. Not only can visitors explore his "finest hour" during the Second World War, but also investigate the private man, his successes and failures.

Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament contain 1,000 rooms, 11 courtyards, eight bars and six restaurants. None are open to the public but the best way to see the Houses of Parliament is viewed from a boat cruise on the River Thames at night.

Shopping in Westminster

Other than convenience stores and tourist outlets, Westminster does not boast many shops although they are not too far away and easily accessible in surrounding areas.

Restaurants in Westminster


Part of the new wave of Italian ristorante, Quirinale serve a range of modern Italian cuisine. The traditional values are retained and reinvented in their selection of antipasta, pasta and carne dishes whilst the wine list favours Italian offerings.

The Cinnamon Club

The Cinnamon Club serves New Indian cuisine in the old Westminster library. An extensive wine list, dazzling cocktails and friendly service all go towards making a special experience in a unique atmosphere.


The Atrium is a light and modern restaurant with a vast high ceiling and sweeping staircase. The menu features classics such as caesar salad, and grilled sirloin steak together with more contemporary creations like grilled snapper with sauteed potato and penne with swordfish.


A modern restaurant situated in the Park Plaza County Hall hotel, Spectrum is popular with the local people and tourists alike who are attracted to the fantastic Mediterranean menu which offers a variety of tapas, pizzas, pasta and grills.

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Luke House

3 Abbey Orchard Street SW1

Luke House

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Prince of Wales Terrace Mid Term Let

Prince of Wales Terrace W8

Prince of Wales Terrace Mid Term Let

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